Smith Mountain Lake Waterways & Navigational markers

Learn Smith Mountain Lake Waterways and Navigational Markers. Black Buoys indicate rivers and creeks with navigation buoys on the lake. For example “R” for Roanoke River Channel. Red buoys indicate creeks that feed the lake, but do not have navigation buoys on the lake. The purpose of this map is to educate those unfamiliar with the lake about the names of the waterways that feed SML. The lake has over 100 actual navigation buoys. Each buoy has a number on it. As you proceed upstream on any waterway the numbers get larger. Also, when proceeding away from the dam and upstream on any waterway, the red buoys should be on your right (stern) and the green on your left (port). Buoys flash at night in these colors. White flashing lights at night are shoals, islands or other obstructions and should be avoided.